How to Manage Office Moves


It happened sooner than you expected. You’ve outgrown your current workplace and it’s time to set up shop somewhere new. It’s a brand new era for your business, but it’s also a logistical challenge.

That’s because moving offices is like moving houses, but with far more pieces to juggle. Don’t worry. StellaPop is in the business of getting companies into their new office spaces seamlessly, so we know how to keep it simple and stress-free. Here’s how.

A Unique Business Needs a Unique Space

Chances are that your new offices are spec suites. How do we know? A common trends we’re seeing in office spaces is customization. That’s because most businesses have specific infrastructure requirements, meeting room needs or layout and decor preferences. To make your new space work for you, you need to shape it to your needs. Partner with a design firm early on to design a great space for doing great business.

Start Making New Connections

This is one to speak with your office manager and IT team about. Figure out what kind of technology, communications and security needs you have and start identifying potential providers. The lead time on these can vary depending on your area and your requirements, so get the ball rolling quickly. If you change phone providers, remember that you can port your existing phone numbers instead of signing up for new ones.

Spread the Word About Your Move

Don’t let your office move interrupt your business. Keep customers, clients, staff and service providers informed about your impending change of address. Let them know that it’s in the works, and make an announcement when the change is official. You’ll also need to update office stationery, billing and delivery details, email signatures, business registration details and any online listings. Don’t forget to sign up for mail forwarding to capture any straggling correspondence.

Keep Your Staff in the Loop

Moving offices is a huge undertaking for everyone involved. That includes your staff. They’ll need to plan a new commute, figure out car parking or bike storage options and know exactly where and how they’ll be working. Communication is key here. Keep your staff up to date on any new developments and put together a welcome package to make the transition as easy as possible. They’ll appreciate not having to Google Map the nearest bus stop or call a supervisor for the after-hours entry code.

Make Friends With a Move Management Firm

As a business owner you know the power of delegation. Sure, it’s possible to handle all of the above on your own. But it’s far more efficient to enlist an expert team. StellaPop can’t do the physical heavy lifting for you, but we can do the organizational heavy lifting. This means minimal downtime and no last-minute rushing around. 

Get Familiar With Our Office Move Checklist

We know you’ve got plenty on your plate, so here’s a handy document to help you get ahead. Download our office moving checklist, or just give us a call. We’re here to help!

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