How to Go From Idea to Entrepreneur: 5 Tips to Help Turn Your Business Dream Into a Reality


Do you dream of starting your own company? Itching to build your own business and be the boss? While it is possible to succeed as an entrepreneur with a single great idea, more often than not, successful entrepreneurs come from seasoned backgrounds in their industry.

It makes sense: in order to grow your business, you need to know how it works. If you’re itching for a new adventure, here are four tips to help you dive into the wide world of entrepreneurship.

Gain Experience

Nothing is more valuable than the first-hand experience. Take time to learn the business, watch the industry, hone your skills and foster valuable relationships. It’s no secret that the best entrepreneurs are the ones who know their industry inside and out. It’s all about what you know and who you know. Then you can use that experience to help catapult you into your next career move.

Strike while the iron’s hot

When it comes to the stock market, 2018 was a doozy. And though most brokers will tell you that with those depressing lows come the inevitable highs, it’s important to know not just how to make the move to becoming an entrepreneur, but also when.

Make note of how your particular market is changing, and use these subtle tips of wayward signs to help guide your new endeavor. While there’s no one set way to know when and how to change course, it’s important to follow your gut instinct.

Measure the risks against the benefits

Sure, it may sound sublime to quit your 9 to 5 and start a new gig, but more often than not, the juice simply isn’t worth the squeeze. Take the time to list all the pros and cons of both your current position and your perspective one; while you’re at, make note of any potential roadblocks along the way.

With a birds-eye-view of your potential future, you’re able to see a much clearer reality of what you want to do and how you want to do it.

Try and track out all the potential routes this new venture could end up taking you. While it’s always better to aim high, it’s important to consider the low. With the worst case scenario in mind, you can work your way up and see if altering course is a worthy idea.

Revenue, revenue, recurring revenue

You’ve probably heard the saying, cash is king. Well, the number rule of any new venture is how are you going to make money. We’re talking about real money, the kind of money you can live on and grow your venture. Growth is about adding resources like new employees and the ability to look at future opportunities and partnerships. Recurring revenue is the number one item you need to figure out or you’re just creating a job for yourself, not a business.

Invest in company culture

Chances are you’re going to start small, and with most small-sized businesses, culture means everything. Make sure you hire and retain the right type of talent by fostering their growth and rewarding their commitment and hard work. Company culture has become a trendy term in recent years, but that’s because companies are realizing the value of happy, valued employees.  Most businesses that actively foster employee growth tend to perform better overall, and with happy workers, you’re able to create a more holistic workplace.

Remember, a business plan is only an outline of how your business will actually be; your industry will likely change, events will happen, and unexpected roadblocks are sure to pop up. With a solid team behind you, you’ll have no problem adapting to these changes and seeing your vision through. Experts typically say that the first few years are the most important for any new business, and with the right talent, you can help be prepared.

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