How to Create a Holiday Card That’s Not from a Template


’Tis the season! You know, that time of year to start sending out holiday trinkets to all your favorite clients? (C’mon, you know you’ve got them!) 

Along with the gift, you’ll want to include a holiday card that is eye catching, yet still nails your brand message. After all, conveying brand messaging is always a top goal in collateral, and that shouldn’t change when it comes to holiday cards and seasonal email blasts. 

Yes, this time of year gets busy, but it’s not an excuse to skimp. You don’t want to slap some template card you found on a bulk printing site in the mail and call it a day.

Instead, you want to:

Cut Through the Noise by Being Unique…

At the very least, don’t be boring. Did I mention templates are boring? Listen, if it’s so boring for you that you’ve got to use a template, then imagine how your recipient will feel when they get it.

Design something creative, festive, funny or even ironic (people love tongue-in-cheek sarcasm), and your clients will appreciate your gesture infinitely more than just some carbon copy holiday card that could be from anyone. People do business with people they appreciate.

… But Stay On Brand

While you want to be creative and stand out, do it in a way that doesn’t abandon your brand’s signature look and feel. Do it in a way that still communicates your brand message, so that when your client receives your custom holiday card or email, they know immediately who it’s from. Your brand is much of why they have chosen to work with you in the first place, so don’t disappoint!

From a strategic standpoint, it just makes good business sense to incorporate holiday cards into your marketing strategy.

Snazzy and creative custom holiday cards allow you to:

Share a Little Thankfulness…

Clients like to know they are appreciated and that you value their business. Sending them a holiday card allows you to express your gratitude and solidify relational bonds. Those bonds make you a first choice when a service like yours is needed.

There is a reason people always say they only do business with those they know, like, and trust. Custom holiday cards give your clients an opportunity to like you and connect with you in a way that is different from the norm. Over time, that builds into knowing, and trusting.

… And Stay Top of Mind

Holiday cards are a subtle and tasteful way to remind your clients of your brand and the services you offer, so that you are the first they think of when a need arises.

For instance, if you offer accounting services, a creative custom holiday card could be used remind your clients of the end-of-year financial assistance you can give them.

If you offer meal-on-demand services, a fun holiday card can be used to remind your clients of seasonal meals you have on offer and special packages.

If you offer services like lawn care or home improvements, you can remind your clients of what you offer and get on their radar for upcoming renovations in the new year, or springtime lawn maintenance plans that are just around the corner.

Why not impress your clients this holiday season? Book your design call today!

Need a Little Holiday Inspiration?

Take a look at this holiday e-card that we designed for GZ, a medical real estate company. We used medical icons to fashion a Christmas wreath and offer a unique spin on a holiday favorite.

We did something somewhat similar for Goodwill, only we used their logo as little icons, and did two iterations. One featured a Christmas ornament and the other featured Santa’s sleigh “magic”.

Of course, we like to create our own quirky, custom Christmas cards for StellaPop too. Our tagline is “We Drive Success,” so we created this little gem that stays true to our visual identity and doesn’t sacrifice our brand image.

It doesn’t matter what type of services you offer, or what your business model may be. A tasteful, unique, custom-designed holiday card is never a wasted effort. When it comes to implementing effective marketing strategies, this one is a winner, and your clients will (almost) always appreciate the gesture.

If you are ready to invest in a quality, custom-designed holiday card—print or digital—StellaPop’s design team will give their best effort in helping you create a card that stands head and shoulders above the crowd, without sacrificing your brand’s core values.

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