Hidden in the Elements: Unmasking The Hallmarks of Your Killer Content

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As Halloween approaches, we’re digging deeper into our analysis of humanity’s darker side. Today we’re going to take a look at what exactly it is that fascinates us about serial killers and why they linger in the collective memory. While we much prefer our content to be killer in the metaphoric sense, we can definitely learn something from the world’s “rippers” – real or fictional.

A Signature Style

One thing that the prolific killers of film, lore, and history all have in common is that they all have a signature style. No one would mix up the Boston Strangler with Freddie Krueger (and live to tell the tale.) This unique, signature style is something that content marketers should strive for in their own content creation. Maybe your thing is how you write or your unique format and layouts – think Buzzfeed’s “listicles.” Maybe it’s your unforgettable approach to photography or graphics. Perhaps it’s the way you connect your content to the current and topical. What we know is this: if you want to make it on to those “most wanted” lists, you need to make sure that your work is undeniably yours.

Symbolic Calling Cards

Locks of hair, playing cards, creepy tokens, and mementos – we’ve all seen enough films or read enough true crime to know that serial killers can’t resist leaving behind a little something that ties them to the crime. The same is true of killer content marketers. The best among us always offer a “calling card” that connects our body of work together. Examples include interactive elements, powerful infographics, social media integrations, and downloadable amazingness. These items can help your content stand out, while also linking it indelibly to you.

The Collective Consciousness

The most newsworthy killers of history and imagination aren’t always the most prolific. Instead, they’re the ones that tap into our collective fears or concerns. (Bet you didn’t know that zombies historically represented Cold War-era dread!) While leveraging fear probably isn’t quite the route you want to take in your content creation, your content will be all the more effective if it taps into current themes, interests, and concerns. The more you understand your audience, the more you’ll be able to get into their heads.

That Constant Presence

As we touched on above, one thing that the most famous killers do is take up residence in our minds. They make us anxious about going into basements, about stepping into dark rooms, or walking home at night. Whatever’s going on, their presence can always be felt. Content marketers can dial up the “killer” aspect of their work by making sure their content is always there ready to pounce. Bonus newsletters, subscriber-only content, and social media channels that always have something insightful and useful to say can all help make sure your brand is always lurking in your audience’s brain – even when they’re doom scrolling Twitter at 3 am during a thunderstorm.

Need some help crafting content that will go down in history for being truly killer? We’re always happy to help you develop a strategy to create content that slays. Just get in touch!

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