Here’s Why Social Media Is Just Like A Birthday Party

The RSVPs have been received, the decorations are up, the DJ is in position, and the cake is ready to be eaten. You’ve been planning this birthday party for months, but a few things need to happen so the party will be memorable. 

The guests need to show up, the cake needs to be delicious, and the tunes need to set the atmosphere so people are ready to bust their best moves on the dance floor!
When it comes to social media, you need the exact same thing to happen in order to have a successful presence on social media …here’s what we mean. Don your party hats, people.

Guests = Audience

Guests need to show up to have a good time, right? Same with your audience on your social platforms. But you have to ensure that they have a good time and stay at the party. A good way to keep the party rolling is to dish up some delicious…

Cake = Content

Knowing that there’s not just a good group of guests attending your party, but delicious cake will be served is the key — RSVP me now.
When creating content for your social media channels it’s best to keep in mind what kind of “cake” you’re serving guests. Is it something they would eat or take a bite and then toss because it’s stale? Give them a reason to go back for seconds.

Dancing = Engagement

Every good party has to have good music followed by equally awesome dancing. Giving your guests the freedom to bust some moves and engage with others in the atmosphere you’re providing is essential. Social media is supposed to be social. Giving your content the freedom to move and to be interpreted by your audience will lead to engagement in the form of measurable likes, comments, shares, and ultimately a lead or even a sale. Engagement on social media is supposed to be a dance, you turn on the music, and take one step to the right with your audience ready to follow your lead.

Put on your party pants and schedule a social media audit today!

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