Habits for Success that Never Go Out of Style

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Tom is frustrated that he’s not further in life. Tom feels like there is never enough time. Tom spends his days banging his head against the wall and then asking why his head hurts.

Bob has a lot of goals set out in front of him but feels content in life. Bob has developed habits that allow him to make the most of his time, spending it purposefully. Bob starts and ends his day refreshed.

Be like Bob.

Recognize that success isn’t the luck of the draw. Success is built from your habits and routines, regardless of the talent, brains or good ideas you’ve got going for you.

In a recent survey performed by VitalSmarts, 46% of respondents believe their career success comes from having the right habits.

Prioritize the development of these habits and you’ll see the tides change.

Five Habits that Build Success in Your Career

One: Early to Bed and Early to Rise

An old adage that’s one of the most common markers for success. Successful people give themselves a bedtime. Why? Because an early start to the day is essential to tackling everything you need to make the day great. Tackling your most essential tasks at the start of the day allows you to take control before the needs of other people step in.

You can’t do this successfully without also going to bed early because YOU NEED TO SLEEP. There are very few people that can actually function successfully on four hours of sleep. You need eight to nine hours of sleep every night.

So if you’re aiming for success, go to bed early enough that you can wake up earlier and still get a full night’s sleep.

Two: Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Successful people take care of themselves. This comes in many forms but physical fitness and nutrition are always at play.

Exercise does so much for your mind. The release of endorphins and other chemicals not only help you feel more confident but increase brain cell development, your ability to focus and handle stress throughout the day.

And while we might be a society that looks at food based largely on how good it tastes, food is medicine. Fueling your body the right way improves your health; it improves your energy.

It doesn’t matter what survey or study you’re looking at – exercising and eating healthy is always stated as habits that lead to success.

Three: Lean into Curiosity

Successful people operate with a learner’s mindset. This means they know there are always ways to grow and they’re capable of doing so. Thus, they dedicate time to reading, attending workshops, researching and even pursuing hobbies. These kinds of habits open you up to opportunities and foster creativity.

Four: Check Your Circle

Who you spend your time with is who you are. Successful people spend time with people who inspire them. This means making sure you’re not the smartest person in the room. It also means making sure you’re circle includes a variety of people, self-driven, with a variety of talents and goals.

People say success is in who you know but it’s not just about someone who can give you an introduction. It’s about who can challenge you, push you to grow and encourage you to keep going.

Five: Trust Your Gut

You’ll never be perfect. Success isn’t about being perfect. It’s about seeking to learn, being willing to grow and then knowing when to move forward. Too many people get stuck – frozen – in analyzing every possible move. If you want success sometimes it’s about knowing when you know enough.

It’s recommended once you’re about 80% confident, it’s time to move forward. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck seeking that 110% that’ll never come.

Small Habits Make Big Changes

Forming a new habit can take you anywhere between 8 and 256 days. Don’t let that big number intimidate you. Small changes will happen more quickly. You can get a better handle on improving your water intake or waking up earlier in 21 days.

Harder changes take more time. And that’s okay.

You’ll see quickly where habits can be small and seemingly unimportant to your bottom line but as you do them consistently, their power will compound over time.

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