Guiding Light: Is Your Business Vision 20/20?


What’s the vision of your company? Can you see it? Can you explain it?

Having a clear vision for your company is crucial to not only its success, but it’s basic survival. Operating a business without one is like walking blindfolded through a forest, hoping that by just moving your feet you’ll get to the other side.

Your vision should be succinct; a vocalization of your purpose; and a mark to aim your efforts. 

Your Guiding Light

Google’s company vision is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.

This means that every product, every design, every customer service decision, marketing strategy, etc. MUST be a step towards making information organized, available to anyone, and useful.

Think about how Google’s seasonal logo changes that correlate with national holidays and awareness months. This small detail might not organize the world’s information or seem useful, but it does act as a form of accessibility. At the very least it’s an invitation, telling people that what Google has to offer is for them – why? Because Google uses its logo variations to demonstrate that it cares about things their customer’s care about.

Thus, Google succeeds in making the world’s information accessible by demonstrating inclusive messages.

The Vision Statement Gut Check

Actions fueled by purpose are powerful. Your vision is your purpose.

As you work to grow your company, you’ll need to ask, “is what we’re doing getting us closer to our vision”?

This will help you avoid making business decisions that take you off track. It takes the blindfold off in the forest so you’ll stop tripping over tree routes or accidentally go backward.

We recommend including a vision gut check as part of your company meetings. If not weekly, then monthly! As a leader, you need to be communicating the company vision frequently in order to keep everyone on track as well as inspire purposeful innovation.

Developing an Authentic Company Vision

To develop your company vision, you need to take a look at your company’s strengths and main assets. Essentially, identify what you have to offer.

For example, one of StellaPop’s core offerings is a marketing strategy to help get your business really rolling. The reason we’ve honed in on this isn’t just because we know our clients often need help with marketing alongside their branding and business management needs.

Thus, our company vision includes this idea that we use brand building, business management, marketing strategy, and more to help build your business and drive your business success.

Know Your Goals Inside and Out

Your company vision should serve two audiences: internal and external. Your vision should communicate the success or goal of your business. It should speak to your company’s impact on the world, or at the very least, your customer.

For example, Kraft’s company vision is “to be the best food company, growing a better world.” Kraft’s internal vision is to be the best food company and their external is to grow a better world.

Regardless of what your company vision is, make sure it’s authentic and tangible. Then, let it be your guiding light. Need help developing and honing in on your guiding light? Look no further.

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