Get Off the Bunny Slope: Become a Calculated Business Risk Taker

Get Off the Bunny Slope: Becoming a Calculated Business Risk Taker

When you’re first getting started, skiing is one of those things that feels impossible. It’s physically awkward and runs counter to your sense of survival. But when you lean forward, grit your teeth, and commit to hitting the slopes, something magical happens. And all you want is to keep going until you’ve conquered the next run. And the next. Sure, there’s a risk. There’s always a risk. And the tougher the runs get, the scarier those risks get. But that’s what it takes. Because if you spend your life on the bunny runs, you’ll never know what you’re capable of. The same also applies to business. If you’re holding back and are too scared to hop off that chair lift, here’s what to do.

Get Geared Up

This ain’t a leisurely stroll around the block, baby. Skiing requires a bunch of specialized gear, clothing, and knowledge. Before you even think about those double black diamond trails, master the basics. Once you’ve got those down, you’ll be able to test yourself and stretch your limits – until, bit by bit, you get to those slopes that take your breath away. Business is similar. If you want to take those risks, know what you’re doing first. Master those basics, read everything, and surround yourself with smart people. Because if you’re going to take risks, you’re more likely to get commensurate rewards when working from a place of know-how.

Try New Trails

You know what they say about doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. If you want to go big, you must get out of your comfort zone. Try a new trail. Try it in different conditions! Work your way up from the bunny slopes to those heart-pounding pro ones. As they say – you’ve got to fall down before you can get up again. Push yourself a little bit more each time, and soon you’ll be way out front of the rest. Our advice for business owners: if you’ve been playing around in the same slopes for years, branch and see just what you’re capable of. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll have new information and experience you can use to inform the next attempt. And if it does, well, lean into that momentum!

Switch Up Your Methods

Is downhill skiing not working for you? Well, there are plenty of other ways you can have fun in the snow. Snowboarding. Cross-country skiing. Snowshoeing. Ice skating. Building an igloo! We all have unique skills and interests, so find the thing that will inspire you to keep pushing forward and trying new things. If you’re stuck in a business rut, get lateral in your approach to building out your brand or launching that big new thing. If everyone else is doing it one way, see what other ways have to offer. Get out there and set yourself apart!

Maximize Apres-Ski

Ah, the relaxing bit after a long day on the slopes – love it. Apres-ski can take a variety of different formats depending on where you are and what time of day it is. Maybe it’s champagne toasts, karaoke, and dancing, Bavarian curling, or long hot spring soaks. Pick the thing that’s a bit out of your comfort zone, and mingle it up! After all, risk-taking isn’t just about hurtling down a ski slope. Sometimes it’s about trying something new, holding a conversation with a stranger, or singing in public. Scary at first – but actually tons of fun! The same applies to the office. If you’re being held back in business by anxiety around public speaking or a fear of talking to new people, square your shoulders and put yourself out there. Sometimes those off-the-cuff conversations or social events are where big opportunities will come your way. You’ve got this!

Pick Up Momentum With StellaPop

Ready to race towards success in business? StellaPop will help you gear up, work your way up to the tough trails, find the thing that works for you, and get you connected with industry movers and shakers. Because with the right experts behind you, a little bit of risk can mean a whole lot of returns. Shall we ski? Hit the slopes with StellaPop!


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