Fancy Brand Design Trends for 2022

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Christmas is on the horizon, and with the coming New Year. It’s time to start planning for a fresh look, a fresh approach, and fresh, new strategies. One of the ways to freshen up your business or brand is by mapping out a design overhaul. Not sure where to even begin?

Below are a handful of the top trends we believe will be prevalent in 2022. Draw some inspo from them, and if you’re still feeling stuck, reach out! We’ve got you!

Bold / Oversized Text

Nowadays, we’re not sure there’s even a wrong way to approach text in web design. There are so many directions you can take. We do believe that 2022 though, will be the year of bold fonts and oversized text.

However, an important step when using this design trend is to view how it looks on a mobile screen and adjust accordingly. You wouldn’t want your big, bad fonts to take up all your mobile screen space and look messy instead of progressive.

Optimistic Designs

During the admittedly bleak pandemic experience, there’s no doubt that we all needed a little hope and fun where we could find it. Since we’re still in the midst of it, for 2022, one trending graphic design focus is optimism.

You can add cartoon or real smiling faces to your design to convey a sense of fun and cheer and include various shapes and colors that suit your brand and industry. Nutshell? Colorful is no longer childish!

Oversized Pointers

Are you sensing a ‘big’ theme here? Oversized pointers come to life when you hover over the design element. These types of pointers make your website more user-friendly and help people visualize where they need to go next.

Scrolling Text

Scrolling text elements are a graphic design trend that fits right into the dynamic world of today. It’s a great way of showcasing a tag line for a new product or service, using––you guessed it!––oversized and often colorful text. With scrolling text, a few short sentences keep scrolling in and out of view in a single location.

3D design

In 2022 and beyond, you can likely expect 3D to become the new normal. This trend has already become a part of the website and logo design landscape. The best way to add 3D design elements to a website without it being overwhelming and confusing is to use a flat aesthetic for the rest of your design. 3D can be a fantastic way of highlighting particular products, putting all their dimensions and details on display.

Almost Brutalism

Almost Brutalism is similar to Brutalism, a classically harsh and stark design with a touch of softness. For Almost Brutalism, think softer typefaces with serifs. However, like Brutalism, Almost Brutalism mainly focuses on the text and colors of the graphics to get your message across.


Glassmorphism, as the name suggests, uses graphic design techniques to create a glossy, almost transparent look, much like glass. It started in late 2020 with neomorphism and has been gaining followers steadily ever since!

Split Screen

Continuing with bold designs, the trend for split-screen designs provides a clear contrast between both sides of your screen. This type of design not only creates visual interest for your content; it also delineates the separation between your content so that users are crystal clear on what you’ve got to offer on either side of the webpage.

Interactive Fonts

Interactive fonts include text that moves around with the user’s mouse. Although this can sound confusing and unhelpful at first, it can actually be a neat way to bring related content into focus. For example, you can use interactive text to enlarge the text a user’s mouse hovers on while minimizing the background text.

Keep in mind that design is ever-changing, so even if you’re not a fan of these particular trends, there will always be new ones that emerge. Ultimately, your website design should serve a purpose, not just look pretty.

Ideally, it should be less about what ‘you’ like and more about what prompts a response from your audience. Otherwise, what’s the point in owning a website at all?

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