Don’t Wait: The Big Benefits Of Early-Stage Brand Investment


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Strong brand identity makes it easy to remember when customers are looking for a product or service you market. It increases trust and exponentially increases customer loyalty as customers share in your brand values and goals. A strong brand differentiates you from everyone else in your industry – it allows you to cut above the noise. Ultimately, a strong brand identity means increased profitability and longevity. Do You Know What Benefits Can Be Reaped Your Brand Identity?

So at what point do you think you should begin to build and invest in your brand development? Right. Freaking. Now.

And believe it or not, the benefits of early-stage brand strategy and investment go beyond the benefits we’ve listed already. The three big benefits of early-stage brand investment:

Unifies Executive Goals

Forming a new company usually comes with more than one personality at the table. This isn’t a bad thing because it can mean ideas you wouldn’t have thought of that your partner did. Or even being challenged enough to really fight for what you believe in making you better prepared to fight for your business.

However, you don’t want to be split going in different directions as you make decisions on where you’re going to take your business. Developing your brand identity early brings out a clear discussion of differences. It allows you to form a single identity to guide your decisions and voice with consistency. The phrase we’re stronger together definitely rings true here.

Creates a Narrative Investors Will Buy

Your brand is your story. It’s who you’re and what you stand for and this is what investors buy into. You can have the most innovative technology but if you want to be invested in a company you have to be more than that.

A brand narrative tells why customers will buy from you instead of your competitors. It tells how you’ll develop loyalty, be trusted, and your potential for growth. Having a clear brand narrative also allows you to be purposeful in pitching investors by seeking out those who align with your brand values.

Attracts High-level Talent

Early always wins the brand investment game especially when it comes to attracting a swarm of top talent. It’s all about developing the right brand, message, and position at the earliest stage possible or suffering through a shallow talent pool.

High-level employees know their value. They’re more likely to dive in with a company that they already trust or see has a solid reputation. They’re also more likely to choose to work with a company with values and goals they believe in. Having a clear brand identity markets your company to high talented employees as much as it markets to your customers.

Don’t Hesitate to Develop Your Brand

Whether you’re a new company or looking to rebrand, you really can’t afford to wait. We’ve gone through a lot of changes in the last two years. Industries have been stretched, adaptability tested and longevity questioned. You can’t really afford to put your brand on hold getting lost in the waves.

Contact StellaPop and we can start working on your brand development or rebranding right away!

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