Don’t Stop Recruiting: Why You Should Always Be on the Lookout for New Talent


When a position needs to be filled, you recruit somebody to fill it. And when somebody leaves your organization, you recruit somebody to replace them. But you’d never stop selling once you hit your goals. So, don’t stop recruiting either.

It’s a competitive marketplace out there. And new talent needs a home. When you don’t nab the best people for the job, your competitors will. Today, I’m going to reveal to you how and why you should always be recruiting.

Recruiting Is a Kind of Sales

You know how sales work. Or at least, you know you never stop selling. When you reach one goal, you go for the stretch goal. Recruiting for your company should work the same way. And that’s because recruiting is a kind of sales. Only, instead of selling your product to prospective customers, you’re selling your organization to potential employees.

And just like when selling your product, you want to open a wide funnel for new employees. When you turn the trickle off, you need to put more pressure behind your efforts when you turn it back on. You may not attract the best talent in a short window. But when you’re always recruiting, you have somebody in line for whatever you need.

It’s Your Responsibility

It might sound obvious. But your organization should always be recruiting. That’s rarely done, though. Too often, managers don’t feel like recruiting. Or they don’t think they’re good at it. Or they think it’s a project somebody else owns. But none of that’s true. When you want the best talent for your company, you need to actively seek it out.

Build a Waitlist

Think about it. The most desirable restaurants in your town have waitlists. That’s why you put in a reservation. But it’s not only because a restaurant is desirable that it has a waitlist. A waitlist alone makes the restaurant appear more desirable. It’s the same thing with your company.

When you have people lining up to work for you, your organization becomes exclusive. And exclusivity is always desirable. So, go ahead. Accept applications. Build-out a waitlist of potential hires. The best talent could wind up seeking you out instead of the other way around.

When All Your Positions Are Filled

Once every position in the company is filled, you still need to keep ads up for new hires. These applications go into the waitlist pile. When a position opens, look at the most attractive candidates and contact them first. You might have already interviewed your waitlist candidates even. It’s not unheard of anymore.

Regardless, never stop selling and promoting your company to potential new hires. Remember: you want to build a waitlist.

And When There Is an Opening

When you have a waitlist, you might never have to turn on the funnel for new hires again. As soon as a position opens, reach out to the people on your waitlist. They already want to work for you. And you’ve already screened them for the best talent. Go ahead. Start interviewing again if you need to narrow the field further. And find the perfect fit for your organization.

Right NOW Is the Time to Recruit

Businesses have never done as much hiring as they’re doing today. And they’ve never spent as much money doing it. So, don’t get left behind by your competitors. Make sure you’re always recruiting. There’s no reason not to be anymore.

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