Don’t Lose Your Head: Marketing Lessons from Alice in Wonderland


Ah, marketing, it can be a journey! Like Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, marketing is all about imagination, making connections, and course-correcting when things shift underfoot. Want to see some of our favorite takeaways from Lewis Carroll’s classic? Nibble some cake, sip some tea, and…onward!

Map out That Rabbit Hole

Alice’s journey might be a strange and meandering one, but your customer journey shouldn’t be! Before you head down the marketing rabbit hole, take some time to get to know your customers, figure out who they are, how they shop, and determine when and how they convert. (Hopefully, your customers aren’t pipe-smoking caterpillars, but even so, it can be done!) Mapping out where you’re off to and who you’ll meet along the way makes it way more likely you’ll add some “wonder” to your marketing adventure.

Running Late For a Very Important Date?

Keep an eye on that marketing pocket watch! The best marketing campaigns are set into motion well ahead of time – they’re not cobbled together the day of. If you have White Rabbit tendencies and let things get away from you, invest in planning and project management tools to help you get your ducks (or croquet hedgehogs) in a row well before you need to kick things off.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Little Bit Mad

The most memorable marketing campaigns are a little bit bonkers. If you’re looking to knock your marketing efforts out of the park, grab some sandwiches, pop on that thinking cap (or top hat), and show up to the tea party with your biggest, boldest ideas (for supersized ideas, try munching on those “eat me” cakes first). Yes, the Mad Hatter was a weird dude, but you absolutely remember him, don’t you? When it comes to marketing ideas, would you rather go big or wake up and find out that it was all just a dream?

A Grin is What you Want to Leave Behind

Customer experience is everything. A well-run, holistic marketing campaign that targets your audience’s needs and goals (and addresses those pain points) is guaranteed to spark some warm fuzzies. The Cheshire cat had it right when he asked, “which road are you taking?” If like Alice, you don’t know, it’s time to figure it out! Create something unique, personalized, and high-value, and watch those grins grow (and translate into 5-star reviews).

Off With Their Heads!

Not every marketing idea is a great one – and sometimes even great ones will run their course. Be vigilant about setting goals, monitoring results, and conversions – and then making the tough decisions when a campaign isn’t delivering the ROI you need. The Queen of Hearts had no qualms about deciding when enough was enough – and neither should you. Being responsive, adaptive, and nimble will help you play the long game (and avoid heads from rolling).

Ready to go on an Adventure?

StellaPop is all about creating marketing campaigns worthy of Alice’s adventures. If you’re ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, just follow us – we’ll help you journey through the looking glass…and beyond!


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