Don’t Leave Your Brand’s Success to Luck

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As a wise person once said, “the harder I work, the luckier I get.” That’s good news for the driven and industrious among us. With St Patrick’s Day here, we’ve got luck on the mind, so let’s look at how to channel hard work into luck – and make sure that your business is swimming in (four-leaf) clover.

Luck: You Get Out What You Put In

Sure, luck happens. It’s possible to land a great client, get on the right person’s radar or win an award as a result of pure happenstance. But that type of “luck” is usually short-lived and one-off. You can’t rely on it to build a great brand or develop a solid industry reputation.

If you’re thinking that some people have all the luck, that’s because luck is like an iceberg: you only see the tip of it. What lies beneath is a goal, a plan, and a ton of hard work. A lucky person brings together preparation and opportunity. Their so-called chance meeting with an industry heavyweight happens because they’ve laid the groundwork and done their research. They onboard a killer new client because their reputation precedes them (and their branding is incredible). They get asked to speak at conferences because they’ve invested in thought leadership – and are proactive and forward-thinking by nature. They win awards because they, surprise surprise, enter them.

The more you focus on building the conditions for your own success, the more consistently lucky you’ll be.

It Takes Time To Get Lucky

It can be tempting to bow out after a poor outcome or two. After all, they tell gamblers to quit while they’re ahead (or not too far behind). But success in business isn’t about beating the house. As a business owner or leader, you have the power to shape the odds you’re playing.

Doing this requires you to be patient, innovative, agile, and fearless. Set a goal and figure out how to get there – and be prepared to pick yourself up and dust off those inevitable failures. Be strategic, stay the course, and you’ll be all the more likely to succeed. Not only will others step aside over time, but you’ll become more skilled and confident in your work. Play the long game, and you’ll end up with luck on your side. Soon enough you’ll be that lucky person your peers are envious of.

So if you’re going to claim your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this St Patrick’s Day, don’t leave it up to Lady Luck. Come armed with knowledge, expertise, connections, and a strategy – and go for gold.

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