Back From the Dead: Repurposing Content

repurpose content

As we inch closer to Halloween, we’ve got all things creepy and kooky on our minds. Among them? Necromancy. Fortunately, in our field, that has less to do with resurrecting dead bodies and more to do with bringing content back from the dead. Here’s how and why to give your content a second lease on life.

Why A Little Content Necromancy Is a Good Thing

The world loves content. The problem is that it’s time-consuming to create and that your best work doesn’t always get the eyeballs it deserves. Not only that, but current events, standard technologies, and pop culture references are constantly shifting – meaning that a piece that worked wonders a while ago might need a revamp to keep getting Google’s attention. That’s where content repurposing comes in.

Basically, content repurposing allows you to update, repackage, and remix your existing content so that it can reach a larger audience. Like a Greatest Hits album or a Director’s Cut of a film, it helps you resurrect and optimize great content so that you can grow your traffic while getting on with growing your business.

How To Bring Your Content Back To Life

Not sure about the efficacy of raising the dead? We promise that breathing new life into old content is much easier than true necromancy. Here are a couple of ways you can give your zombie content a wider reach.

  • Syndication. Ever seen those clickbait articles at the bottom of an article you were reading? These articles are brought to you through content syndication. You’ll usually pay per click or per view to deliver your content to interested readers.
  • Reposting. It’s much easier to go to where the people are than to have them come to you. Leverage the reach of platforms like Medium, Quora, or even Reddit by reposting content. Just ensure that you’re delivering value and not spamming.
  • Refreshing. You can extend the relevance and reach of certain types of timely content by rewriting existing pieces to include new data, examples, or case studies. Make the focus slightly different, and now you have two quality pieces built around the same topic.
  • Reformatting. If your content is largely text-based, consider creating an infographic based on popular pieces or original research. Other formats to try are listicles, how-tos, case studies, and audio or visual content, all of which can give existing content a new lease on life.
  • eBooks. Does your content pivot around certain themes or topics? Collate it into a downloadable ebook that prospects receive when they submit their email. You’ll get a brand new piece of lead-generating content with minimal effort.
  • Emails. If you send out content-heavy emails to your subscribers, crib content from an existing blog post to get that content in front of a new audience.
  • Guest posts. Guest posting has a few benefits. It helps you reach a wider audience, offers trackbacks to your website, and lets you wax lyrical about your area of expertise. Your guest post doesn’t have to be 100% original – you can always draw on existing content for inspiration.

Great Content is Never Truly Dead

At Stellapop, we believe that all great content deserves the right to live on – although we’re open about what form that might take! For our tips and advice on how to optimize and repackage your existing content, just get in touch.

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