8 Tech Trends to Watch in the New Decade


With a new decade, brings a new wave of tech and I bet you are wondering what’s in store for 2020. On the rise is a wide range of tech that will affect businesses and consumers. We advise always staying updated on tech trends as they can help accelerate your business past your competitors.

Here’s a shortlist of what we think you should look out for in 2020.

1. Consumers Will Demand Data Privacy

With the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) having gone into effect on January 1, we will see more and more consumers demanding rights to their personal data in 2020. Already, Washington, New Hampshire, and New York have all proposed similar privacy bills following California. Privacy breaches have become a bit too common in the past few years and consumers are increasingly becoming more conscious of their own data. However, in most places, it’s not very simple to understand and protect their own individual data so we may see new companies emerging to fill this need and serve consumers. Protecting and securing consumer data will also increasingly be required throughout business.

2. Biometric Data Will Power More Wearables

There’s a shift happening in how people use biometric data, not only are they tracking it but they are interacting with it. We are seeing an increase in augmented reality as well as the development and rise of 5G allowing real time capture of biometric data from your wearables. In a blog by Inc., Sarah Hill, CEO & Chief Story-teller of Healium, discusses how users aren’t just watching stories they’re feeling them. Heart rates and brainwaves are being used as inputs to control spatial computing environments. She mentions the upcoming tech that makes eye-opening meditation a reality, where users (through augmented reality) can experience color, sound, texture, and sharpness that ‘will allow the user to feel content in ways never done before.’

3. More Investing in Quantum Tech

While quantum technology probably won’t reach mainstream consumers for a little while longer, it’s on the rise and more investments will be made this year. In 2020, we may see it begin to be commercialized for businesses. This is because quantum computers can solve problems and sift through large databases much faster than conventional computers providing potential to help specific kinds of businesses. Currently, conventional computers are still outperforming quantum but the potentials will see movement in 2020.

4. Recession-Proof Credit

Recessions can typically send families into using credit for everyday expenses which can lead to missed payments, limiting credit options, and increasing borrowing costs. However, there are now credit-building fintech (financial tech) tools to bolster credit scores in advance. This is on the rise and will be able to make consumers happy through offering preventative measures for their finances.

5. Publishers Will Leverage More AI

In 2020, there are predictions that publishers will use technology to build relationships with readers. Machine learning and AI will be able to predict reader’s interest and likelihood to subscribe. This will allow publishers to curate the best content and monetize it.

6. The Expansion of 5G

Verizon and AT&T have both said they expect their 5G networks to be accessible nationwide this year.  The benefits include increased bandwidth and lower latency accelerating enterprise applications. Investments in 5G will be on the rise and while all of this could be a slow roll-out, 5G will be tested and possibly learn to succeed in 2020.

7. The Voice Assistant Revolution Will Move to the Car

Voice assistants have made major strides in becoming a part of homes across the country. Answering questions, controlling entertainment, the possibilities have turned to reality. We are seeing the same opportunities in vehicles and this will come into action in the coming year. In regards to entertainment, we have seen little change since the radio and 2020 will bring an increase in features using voice technology. This is highly anticipated as vehicles are an environment that truly demand hands-free tech.

8. AR and VR Changing the Workspace

2019 was a huge year for remote work and we are expecting it to go further in 2020. With the involvement of AR and VR, remote work capabilities can be taken up a notch by bringing workers virtually into the physical space. According to a report by CBInsights, companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google are working on headsets that could shift any space into a virtual office, and also transport remote workers into an office space.

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