7 Strategies to CEO Success

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Successful CEOs learn to anticipate business patterns, find opportunities in pressure situations, serve the people they lead and overcome hardships. To acquire and utilize such impressive skill sets, many top leaders apply seven strategies on a daily basis.

1. Focus On What’s Important
Don’t become a victim of your to-do list. Develop daily amnesia by asking yourself what’s most important for the here-and-now. Doing so every day often has a way of evolving your long-term goals and major priorities.

2. Stakeholder Value.
Beyond running your company and leading your team, your primary focus must be to create value. Not just monetary, but value beyond the bottom line by creating a sense of worth for your customers, your team and your shareholders.

3. Clarity of Purpose.
A successful leader must define and set the bar. You must establish a clear line of sight of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how you’re doing it. A shared sense of purpose is a powerful driver and motivator.

4. Tell Stories.
Storytelling is the best way to share your vision and get your messages across. Keep the stories human, light, short, even humorous. People respond and relate to stories rather than buzzwords, geek talk or corporate speak.

5. Think Big and Bold.
Set high goals. If you start small, you’ll most likely stay small. Stretch staff beyond their limits. They may object you expect too much, but there’s no greater reward then helping your team achieve what they thought was unattainable.

6. Ask Questions and Seek Counsel.
Successful CEOs never stop asking questions or seeking advice. They have a deep desire for knowledge and a commitment to continuous improvement by always seeking to learn new things.

7. Service to Others.
Stop thinking about what you need from people and ask what they need from you. Do your homework and identify the needs of your customers, your team and your shareholders. Then help them make it happen.

Ultimately CEOs sustain their success with strategies that increase the value of their company, while minimizing operational risk. They serve as the enablers of talent, culture and results.

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