7 Reasons Why CEOs Need Marketing Automation


As a CEO of a growing business, you’re constantly thinking about top-line growth, customer satisfaction, competition, and profitability. Your two biggest worries: Will my company make its numbers? Will my competitors outperform and steal my customers?

One tool that can be a differentiator is online marketing automation (MA). Today the internet generates the majority of business leads, sales and revenue. As a result, MA grew industry revenues by 50% in 2014 reaching $1.2 billion. Here are seven reasons why more CEOs are saying “yes” to marketing automation.

1. Puts customers center stage

From lead generation to lead nurturing, MA enables you to gather data that fosters warmer and better-educated leads, shorter sales cycles and, often, bigger deals.

2. Simplifies tool management

Replace email marketing and any other tools you use to build/host landing pages, track websites visitors, etc. MA will compile this data into a single profile that helps you understand each lead better and segment effectively.

3. Measures what matters

MA measures and evaluates which assets drive leads, which tactics drive conversions and which conversions well… convert faster. By focusing on measuring what matters, you can hone in on insights that help you make smarter business decisions.

4. Aligns sales & marketing

Marketing and sales have different objectives and goals, however by utilizing a more integrated and automated marketing system, research has shown these two teams become more aligned from an operations stand point. The result: 24% faster 3-year revenue growth and 27% faster 3-year profit growth. Powerful stuff!

5. Empowers Sales

The reality is, the success of business comes down to dollars and cents. MA enables your sales reps to access the activity history of a lead and use this invaluable data to make the exact deal a customer wants.

6. Creates Better Retention

MA scales your retention strategy by generating revenue equally from current and new clients — versus the industry standard of only 30% revenue from an established base. It’s all about growing those qualified leads and taking them down the buyer’s journey.

7. Spurs Revenue

Companies that apply marketing automation see faster growth and more top-line revenue. Though automation is key for your time and sanity, it’s also important to keep in mind that just because it’s automated doesn’t mean you forget to be human in your marketing and overall communications. The reason revenue ramps up is because you’re engaging and giving value more often to your audience, in turn solidifying the “know, like and trust” factor that’s essential to garnering not just new business, but long-lasting business.

The reality is you can’t excel in sales and marketing relying only on email blasts and spreadsheets. You need marketing automation because it will help you:

  • Get more done faster with fewer resources
  • Reach the right prospects more effectively
  • Increase revenue
  •  Enhance alignment between marketing and sales teams

Learn more about how StellaPop can make marketing automation part of your growth strategy. 

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