7 Reasons Why a Mobile-Ready Website Is a Must

mobile-ready website

Having a business website that’s mobile-ready and user-friendly is crucial to being competitive in the digital marketplace. New facts verify the dominance of mobile usage each day. Worldwide 1.2 billion people access email, view websites, engage in social media, and make purchases all from their smartphones or tablets. Not convinced? These seven reasons will do the trick.

1. Most Customers Are Mobile

Today mobile devices surpass desktop PCs and laptops for digital use. Smartphones accounted for 69% of digital media time spent. Whereas desktop has fallen to tell than one-third of total digital media time. Mobile apps are 60% of the total, with smartphone apps specifically commanding 51% of all digital media time.

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2. Higher Page Rankings

Since Google’s algorithm update in 2015, responsive design – one that works on all devices from laptops to smartphones – is now preferred in Google’s ranking. Search ranking is paramount if you don’t want to lose out to your competition. Solution: make your website mobile-ready.

3. Better User Experience

If your website is mobile-friendly, your customers and prospects will have a superior user experience. If your site isn’t, consider this: 52% of users said a bad mobile experience made them far less likely to engage with a company. 

4. Superior Social Presence

91% of mobile internet access is used for social activities. If your company implements social media marketing, then your products and services are more shareable to this vast audience of mobile device users.

5. More Economical

Taking a “mobile-first” approach ensures the functionality and appearance of your desktop site is rescaled based on the mobile device. It will look and perform beautifully on any mobile screen – and be more cost-effective than creating a second mobile-responsive site.

6. Improved Sales

If your customers can access your site on their mobile devices, they’re more likely to complete contact forms, make purchases and become loyal customers. So offering this value-add customer convenience also delivers improved online sales and conversions.

7. Future-Proof

A mobile-responsive website is future-proof. As global commerce and technology continue to intertwine, your mobile-ready site will continue to serve your business for years to come.

StellaPop can future-proof your online business with comprehensive Integrated Creative Services that include designing, developing, and maintaining mobile-ready, user-friendly websites.

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