2021 Business Management Trends CEOs Can Implement in 15 Minutes

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The New Year is creeping up on it, making now the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and do away with any of those bad habits you’ve accumulated during this year. Whether you’ve been blindsided by the events of 2020 or you’re still meeting your milestones, there’s always room for improvement. To get ahead of the competition, try incorporating these trending business management concepts into your approach.

1. Handle Your Data

We live in an information-driven era. Data is everywhere, and it’s not going anywhere. Companies that are able to identify, organize, and harness their data will have a major jump on businesses that don’t. From leveraging AI to sift through social media posts to collating key processes and contact data for your staff, success in 2021 is all about getting your data in order.

2. Communicate With Everyone

Sure, none of us like speaking in front of a crowd. But in the business world, communication drives organizational performance, trust, and buy-in. Don’t allow communication silos or gaps to interrupt strategy, impact alignment, or create redundancies. Develop communication mechanisms and leverage communication tools to ensure that information flows freely across your organization – and that ideas, requests, and requirements don’t come up against a wall.

3. Mobile & Remote Working

While some organizations are returning to regular work environments, many will continue to work on a distributed basis well into 2021, and maybe even beyond. Now’s the ideal time to invest in cloud-based project management, chat, and file-sharing apps so that your staff has everything they need to work comfortably. Don’t forget to think about your workers, too: what do their working hours look like? Do they need you to provide the technology or equipment to get their jobs done? The more you lean into the demands of remote working, the better your results.

4. Dialing in Your OHS Guidance

COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere just yet. Whether they’re working remotely or in-office, businesses need to develop stringent plans for dealing with the risk of virus spread. Signage, sanitization stations, mask-wearing, sanitary retrofitting, and socially distanced office designs are a start. Educating staff about risks and procedures is also vital. Know what should happen if someone calls in sick, and make sure you have a workaround to ensure that you can keep fulfilling customer needs.

5. Happy Employees

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone – employees included. The pandemic, lockdown, and the widespread racial justice protests have had people reflecting on what’s truly important to them and what they want out of work. Employers can respond to this shift by creating a workplace culture that values workers, fosters collaboration and belonging, breaks down barriers, celebrates achievement, and is focused on meaningful outcomes.

6. Supply Chain Shock

This year’s dramatic market shifts have seen seismic changes in demand and our ability to fulfill orders. Supply chains are interrupted, support staff are overwhelmed, and people, in general, are working harder than ever. For this to be sustainable, leadership needs to develop clear projections for the year ahead, as well as strategic processes to ensure that your employees’ workloads remain manageable.

7. Ramping Up Your Digital Presence

If your marketing department isn’t all over digital, now’s the time to get them up to speed. Multi-channel digital campaigns, a focus on video-first content, creative that targets Gen Z, and a sales funnel that drives users to your eCommerce platforms are all essential. With consumers showing a major preference for online ordering – and digital being consumption way up – there’s no excuse for letting your digital presence languish.

Jump Start 2021!

With 2020 in our rear-view mirror, it’s time to look ahead to the business management trends of 2021. By focusing on communication, data, employee wellbeing, and your marketing efforts, you can kick off the year in style – and rebound from the challenges of 2020. If you’re not sure where to start, ask the team at StellaPop about an audit or strategic plan. We’re always happy to help you turn your business over a new leaf!

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