Nice Guys Finish First When They Get Sh*t Done


Nice guys finish last, or so the adage goes. The business world loves to lionize tough bosses and take-no-nonsense leaders. But nice doesn’t have to mean pushover – or lack of results. In fact, fair, reasonable leaders who are proactive, work hard, and treat their teams well are the ones who tend to get results. Here’s how to leverage “nice guy” into “nice job.”

Showing Up Is Half the Battle

If you want to win in business, you’ve got to show up and be present. Get your face out there, do the work, put in the hours, and solve the problems that land in front of you. Great leaders are great because they have a deep understanding of their department, team, industry, and market. Leading from on the ground – rather than a corner office – builds workplace camaraderie and respect, lets you deal with issues quickly and efficiently, and positions you to take advantage of opportunities that come your way. Whether you’re just getting started in your career or you’re eyeing that top dog role, make yourself visible – and reap the results.

Being Proactive Nets More Wins

Proactiveness is the nice guy’s secret weapon. Rather than putting out fires and managing crises after the fact, commit to identifying issues and challenges before they arise. This means following your market and competitors for shifts and opportunities, monitoring processes and procedures to see whether things could be streamlined or automated, and tapping into best practices and cutting-edge knowledge to ensure that your team or department is ahead of the game. You don’t have to be tough to be proactive – just smart.

There’s Strength in Numbers

Tough bosses tend to fly solo – but you can only get so much done that way. Savvy workers and leaders focus on building relationships and shoring up their teams. Because when you have alignment and buy-in, the results follow. Invest in your team members, leverage their strengths, and ensure that your team is empowered to put forward suggestions and make decisions. You’ll be all the more effective for it. Remember, succeeding in business it’s not about netting titles or a fancy office – it’s about being someone people want to get behind.

Find a Mentor and Advocate

Even the most self-aware person needs some help navigating new situations or working through their weaknesses. Engaging a mentor to help you identify areas for improvement or set goals and a path for achieving them can help take a nice guy across the finish line. Find someone senior to you within the company, attend industry events, or talk to your local business network about connecting with a mentor who can take you where you need to be. A mentor can use their own experience to walk you through new and challenging situations – allowing you to move quickly and assuredly.

At StellaPop, We Get Shit Done

At StellaPop, we’re nice as can be – but we also get shit done. We’ve got the leadership experience, the business know-how, and the people skills needed to make success happen, and we’re pros at distilling and modeling it all for leaders who want to rise to the top. If you need to leverage “nice guy” into “nicely done,” get in touch with us today!

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