Get to know Jack: StellaPop Sports Success Story

Get to know Jack: StellaPop Sports Success Story

My journey from hopeful high school basketball player to scholarship-awarded college athlete has been dynamic. And my journey moving from D3 player to a Sports Management innovator was another – and left me with first-hand insights that now drive our athletes to shoot for the stars in their careers.

In college sports, recruitment can be daunting, confusing, and highly stressful for athletes and families … we’re using those insights to strip back the guesswork and give our athletes a clear shot at recruitment.

And now, my goal is to help high school athletes of all ages get recruited to play college sports – without the fuss.

Early Planning

Early on in my personal recruitment journey, it was clear that there was a major gap in my understanding of the process. I hadn’t been given the tools to navigate the relationships and the ups and downs that come along for the ride. I knew I needed guidance, so I quickly joined NCSA and waited for the offers to roll in.

But they didn’t.

In fact, in the two years that I profiled with NCSA, I didn’t use it because I honestly didn’t know how. Talking to other athletes in my position, I realized that a lot of them weren’t sure about the process, how to use the tools, or how to connect with coaches either – so I finally made a plan.

Recruitment Strategy

I recognized that getting recruited was going to take time, energy, and a full-on investment in the process to get anywhere. So I took action:

Step 1: Crafting My Digital Identity:

I started with a clean slate and a refreshed player profile. I thought of it as more than a way to list my achievements and used it as an opportunity to highlight my dedication to the sport and the teams I had played for. I used my profile to highlight my academic achievements as well, knowing the important role this would play in helping me stand out. I included:

  • A recent photo
  • My biggest athletic achievements
  • My strongest academic achievements
  • A brief biography about my goals and team experiences
  • Up-to-date contact information

Step 2: Connect with Coaches: 

I knew how important connecting with coaches and creating relationships with my top school choices was, so I created a signature email template that felt identifiable and personal to each recipient. These emails weren’t mere messages; they were my genuine expressions of interest in various college programs.

Step 3: Create a Highlight Reel

I became proactive, curating a short but effective highlight reel to showcase my skills and what I could bring to the team. I scoured my video stock to include a few key moments to stand out with:

  • moments of sheer dedication
  • Moments of significant teamwork
  • Moments of leadership that defined my role on the team

Step 4: Create a Buzz

Between my highlight video and my tenacious pursuit of the coaches and teams I was interested in, I was able to create a buzz around my name, which helped me to stand out to potential coaches and to generate invitations to participate in camps and training opportunities.

Step 5: Get the Offer 

With my dedicated approach to the recruitment process, a few great offers rolled in. In the spring of 2022, I announced my commitment to Elmira College for the upcoming season as a Varsity Basketball player. It was a culmination of all of my achievements, landing me a partial academic scholarship that pays for half of my tuition.

Tips for the Recruitment Process

Now, as a Collegiate athlete and a Sports Management Coordinator, I’m privileged to guide young athletes through their own journeys from start to finish as I realised that my journey was no longer just personal; it had the potential to empower others to chase their dreams.

And I have a few tips to keep in mind along the way:

  • Embrace the Right Fit:

Amid the array of offers, I stayed true to my vision – finding a college that resonated with my athletic and academic aspirations, underscored the challenges I needed, and the future-facing education I wanted.

  • Seize Every Opportunity:

Getting in front of coaches where they look to recruit is critical. Say yes to every opportunity – show up, work hard, don’t complain, and approach coaches with a professional, dedicated attitude.

  • Learn the Ropes: 

Work with professionals to help you understand the process. Don’t waste time being confused in the process. StellaPop Sports can get you started AND help you cross the finish.

You can work with me 1-on-1 to create your custom recruitment strategy and get you where you want to be – today!

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