Get to Know Chris Fortunato: StellaPop Sports Recruiting Success Story

Get to Know Chris: StellaPop Sports Recruiting Success Story

As a varsity pitcher and proud recipient of second-team all-conference honors, I knew I had the potential to play college baseball. Still, I lacked the guidance I needed to navigate the complex world of college recruiting.

Despite having purchased an NCSA subscription and built my “Sports Profile,” I never really understood how to work with the software, outreach, and create that advantage so coaches would find me – and I was still lacking the guidance I needed to get it done and on track.

That’s when I turned to StellaPop Sports Marketing (SPSM) to help me chart a course toward my college baseball dream.

Building a Game Plan

When I reached out to StellaPop, I felt an instant connection with their team. They understood my passion for the game and desire to take my skills to the collegiate level. Together, we created a personalized game plan that would help me showcase my talents best and invest in the recruitment process.

They took over managing my account and profile, helping me leverage my profile effectively and highlighting my achievements as a varsity pitcher and my individual skill sets. We tackled the complex process of collegiate recruitment by breaking into a step-by-step game plan:

Creating a Winning Profile

My profile underwent a remarkable transformation and became a powerful representation of who I am as an athlete and a person. We crafted every detail, from my accomplishments on the field to my academic achievements.

StellaPop knew precisely what college coaches were looking for, and they made sure my profile stood out from the crowd. We pulled together a skills highlight reel that showcased my biggest wins, showcased my skills and put it in front of the right people to garner some attention.

Strategic Communication

As someone new to the college recruitment process, I needed guidance on approaching college coaches confidently. StellaPop was there every step of the way, helping me craft targeted emails that introduced me to prospective colleges.

Identifying Best-Fit Matches

One of the most valuable aspects of working with StellaPop was their ability to understand my real aspirations. They used their expertise to research extensively and identified colleges that perfectly fit me athletically and academically.

When I had my shortlist together, I knew I was targeting the best opportunities aligned with my long-term goals. Figuring out how to find the right coaches and college programs was a key move.

Establishing Valuable Relationships

I began feeling more confident in establishing connections and communication with key coaches. I started introducing myself, texting with coaches, and expressing my interest in their programs and in their teams. I learned how to showcase my personality and passion for the game, which helped me leave an impression.

As my recruitment journey progressed, I was thrilled to see the positive responses from college coaches. They appreciated my skills on the pitcher mound and acknowledged my academic achievements. In the fall of 2022, all the hard work paid off when I signed with Stevenson University. Not only did I secure a spot on their baseball team, but I also earned an academic scholarship, which was beyond my wildest expectations.

StellaPop Sports Marketing team played a pivotal role in making my dream a reality, and I will forever be grateful for their support and expertise.

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