Get Recruited: 5 Ways College Coaches Find Players

Get Recruited

If you’re a high school athlete looking to get recruited to a college team, you’re probably wondering what you can do to make yourself stand apart from the other talented athletes out there. While luck plays a role, performance, visibility, and great connections are other key factors. Here are the most common ways college coaches identify potential talent – and how you can swing the odds in your favor.

1. Questionnaires (Yes, Fill Them Out)

College questionnaires are one of the top ways for getting on a coach’s radar. If a college has a questionnaire asking about your athletic and academic credentials, complete it – then follow up with a personalized email outlining why you want to be considered. Actively making an effort to show your interest and why a certain college or program is a good fit for you will help you stand out in all the right ways.

2. Personalized Outreach.

The best way to bring a coach to you is to go to them. A short, personalized email – not a bulk email with multiple coaches CCed! – outlining your goals and background is a great way to connect. Consider including a short introductory video and highlight reel. If you have one, link to a personal website that provides an overview of what you’re all about. Email isn’t the only way to go – phone calls and sites like LinkedIn can be a good opportunity to be seen. While it’s generally fine to give a coach a call, note that there are some restrictions (such as your age and recruiting year) about whether a coach can call you back.

3. Camps and Clinics.

Clinics and camps are among the best ways to get eyes on your talent. Coaches and recruiters regularly visit camps and clinics to gauge skills, ability, and your overall prospects as an athlete. If there are financial barriers to attending a camp or a clinic, explore options such as local fundraisers and bursaries to help cover costs – and strategically choose the camps that will offer the most ROI for your situation.

4. Showcases and Tournaments.

Showcases and tournaments are your opportunities to shine. When attending a showcase, remember it’s not just about your skills on the field – it’s also about your overall attitude, work ethic, and ability to work alongside others. Make sure you’re conducting yourself unimpeachably the whole time. Tell coaches you’re interested in the showcases you’ll be attending, then follow up after the event with a highlight reel and personalized note. This will jog their memory about who you are – remember, they’ve been watching hundreds of athletes perform!

5. A Recruiting Service.

Top talent and a great relationship with your high school coach are a great start. But not all athletes are located in places where it’s easy to get in front of college coaches – and not all sports have showcases and tournaments. If you need some help getting noticed, a recruiting service can make all the difference. With solid connections and networks, and an eye for what particular schools and coaches are looking for, a recruiter can help turn your ambitions into reality.

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