Four Important Business Trends for 2022

business trends

We’re coming up on the start of a new year. And that means there are new trends for business owners to keep in mind. These trends apply to hiring employees, employee retention, and marketing to customers. Below are five of the most important trends every business owner needs to be aware of as we continue into 2022.

Smart Work Theory

The past two years have brought remote work to the forefront of every employer’s and employee’s mind. A pivot is going to be needed, this move from the traditional location-based or local real estate models will be needed to make this temporary “Work from Home” trend a long-term reality.

Think about it. If the work-from-home business model was viable, why wasn’t this solution already in place? The best business minds in the world are always looking to adopt, adapt and grow. The remote worker idea is not new; it’s just never been considered a winning strategy.

Our economy is a series of locally facing neighborhoods, developments, or main streets that need a diverse set of participants, residential and commercial products linked together, contributing to the whole community or we need a complete rethink of real estate rental rates and financing which is a whole other complex conversation.

Mental Health is a Priority

Post-pandemic, one thing most employees are now looking for is a job that caters to their mental health and family needs. Surprisingly, it took the world this long to realize how important our personal lives are. But the days of employees sacrificing everything for their jobs are coming to an end.

In fact, not only do employees want to be able to spend time with their families right now. They also want to work at their own pace. This means they might choose to work 9-5. However, a 7-3 or a 2-10 schedule might suit their needs even better. Employers need to prepare for this reality as well.

Of course, this also means prioritizing our employees’ mental health over profits. Because if we want to retain the best talent, we need to offer our employees the best opportunities they can find anywhere.

Personalities Matter

Not only are employees raising their standards in today’s labor market. So are consumers. Consumers today don’t want to be sold a product by a faceless brand. They want to know and respect the company they’re buying from. This means knowing the company’s founders as well.

The days of CEOs and upper management need to get out and lead their brands. Today’s consumers want connectedness across all platforms, including YouTube and social media. They want to know who you are. And they want you to be your real, authentic, and honest self.

The days of a faceless brand talking down to their customers is quickly coming to an end. It’s time for companies to see their customers as their equals. Companies taking the lead on this aren’t just paving the way for a brighter tomorrow. They’re also building brand and customer loyalty.

Video Is King

Finally, business leaders need to remember that every message today can be communicated just as well by video. Reading is fine. But it takes time. And that makes it an impediment to your sale.

Video is everywhere. It’s on our computers, our tablets, even our phones. And brands communicating with their customers via video have a distinct advantage over ones that aren’t. This includes traditional media as well as social platforms such as TikTok.

Of course, all this advice is well and good. But it’s not always easy to implement. If you’re looking for help taking the next step in your company’s evolution, StellaPop is here to help. Whether it’s marketing, branding, hiring, or retention, our experts want to offer your company everything you need to drive success today.



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