Evergreen Content: Creating Marketing Content that Lasts Forever

evergreen content

In the digital realm, plenty of things are a mere flash in the pan: the viral hits, the trending topics, the memes, and the April Fool’s Day pranks. Those are all great for a quick burst of traffic, but they don’t necessarily have staying power. Evergreen content, on the other hand, keeps driving traffic to your page in the long term – and it’s critical to a powerful content marketing strategy.

Let’s take a closer look at evergreen content and how it can help give your web presence a boost.

What Exactly is Evergreen Content?

To quote Yves St Laurent, “fashions fade; style is eternal.” Where “ripped from the headlines” pieces err on the side of fashion, evergreen content is the digital equivalent of style – it’s always timely, always topical, and always relevant. It’s that anchor piece that keeps on receiving views, hits, and shares years after you hit “publish.” That’s because evergreen content continues to deliver value to your audience by answering a question or helping them become more informed about a topic that matters to them.

Examples of evergreen content include:

  • How-to guides
  • Original research
  • Tips
  • Instructions
  • Listicles
  • Overviews
  • Definitions and bios
  • Interviews

What’s So Great About Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is gold when it comes to boosting your SEO and giving your website a leg up in the rankings. Its longevity comes with “authority” in the eyes of search engines, and the way audiences interact with it – reading, sharing, and clicking through – drives up your site’s overall value over time.

Evergreen content is also likely to attract backlinks, which help to improve authority and rankings, and can also be used to help build hierarchy within your site. By this, we mean that certain pieces of evergreen content can become “cornerstone content“, core pieces that act as an outline for other relevant content on your site. Both people and search engines will give you a thumbs up.

Evergreen content can be time-intensive to create, but the ROI is absolutely worth it.

How Do I Create Evergreen Content?

Creating evergreen content is all about getting inside your audience’s mind and answering a question that matters to them. Before you start writing, consider the topics and questions that frequently come up in your line of work. Once you have them, do some keyword research to see whether there’s a niche you can carve out for yourself. You want something popular, widely used, and yet not too competitive. What’s your angle?

When writing, write conversationally, and for a general audience – remember, the people landing on your evergreen content pages are probably new to your site. Strive to be comprehensive and definitive, but not academic. And be strategic about working in relevant keywords in your body text, subheads, and metadata.

How Do I Give My Evergreen Content a Boost?

Search engine traffic will take you most of the way, but you can help your evergreen content shine by promoting it. Highlight cornerstone pieces on your site with prominent links or ad banners, mention them in your newsletter and link to them from other site pages. You can also encourage backlinks by getting the word out via a press release, or by reaching out to other site owners who might be interested in your content. If you’re the guest blogging type, you can even link back to your evergreen content from within a guest post.

Finally, don’t forget to “refresh” your content. While evergreen pieces are designed to last, you can always freshen them up with new links, updates, and information. Once you’ve done this, just change the live date on your post so that it lands back at the top of your blog feed.

Wrapping It Up

Evergreen content takes time to create, but in the long run, it can deliver more value than the dozen blog posts you’re desperately trying to publish each week – think the Tortoise and the Hare, but for content marketing. When creating your evergreen content, look for topics that your audience cares about, and that will stay relevant for years to come. And once it’s up and running, keep tending to it so that it has its best chance to grow.

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