College Basketball Recruiting: The Most Overlooked in the Last Decade

College Basketball Recruiting: The Most Overlooked in the Last Decade

Every year thousands of high school basketball players shoot to score in the college recruitment game. Whether your goal is to take your skills pro or to nab that scholarship that means a debt-free future, getting recruited offers you a great start in life. Let’s take a look at some of the pathways college recruits can take – and at some of the underrated recruits who took the nation by storm.

Getting Recruited Can Change Your Life

The jersey you choose to pull on can set you up for life, whether that pathway takes you into the pro leagues, strength, and conditioning, management, exercise science, or a completely different career path.

When choosing the ideal school, weigh what matters to you. You might want to stick close to home – or spread your wings and try for a place at a school across the country. Maybe you want to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big one. There might be a specific degree that you want to pursue, a coach you want to work under, facilities that inspire you, or a family legacy you want to continue. Even being able to get a sense of how much time you’ll spend on the court vs. on the bench can be a major deciding factor when choosing a college.

Working with a recruiter can help you put yourself out there – so that you can be seen by the people who make the big decisions. Having a recruiter on your side is vital when it comes to outlining your goals and preferences, creating a plan that aligns with where you want to go, and laser-focusing your vision. With a recruiter’s help, you’ll be on the fast track to where you want to be.

From Overlooked to Megastars

If your dream school doesn’t come calling, don’t freak out. And don’t worry if the school that’s best for you doesn’t seem to be a kingmaker. Trust your recruiter. Because even if you start small, you’ll get to where you need to be by putting in the work. Even if that takes time.

Some players make waves from the get-go, while others start their career off on their back foot. Steph Curry is probably the most famous example, starting off with a quiet few years at Davidson before scoring a Player of the Year crown twice in a row and drawing the eyes of the nation.

Damian Lillard of Blazers fame spent solid three-plus years on the collegiate court before Portland came knocking, but the rest is history. These days Lillard is a household name with a decade-long career featuring endless highlights.

And while Kenneth Faried might not have had exceptional ratings out of high school, the “Manimal” put in a solid four years with Morehead State, making his name as a star rebounder – and being picked up by the Denver Nuggets and the US National Team before spending a few years overseas with international teams in China, Spain, and Russia.

The upshot? The pathway from that program offer to going pro doesn’t always happen overnight. But by getting recruited into a quality program will deliver in more ways than one. You’ll become well-rounded, you’ll grow personally and professionally – and you’ll have more opportunities to get those all-important eyes on you.

Get All Eyes on You

Success starts with being seen. If you know that you’ve got the skills to shine as a student-athlete in college and beyond but need help standing tall, let’s talk. StellaPop’s in-house recruiter is here to help under-recruited high school athletes get seen – and recruited into the college program that will jump-start you into the career of your dreams. Let’s shoot for greatness!

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