Behind the Net: Avoid These Lacrosse Recruiting Mistakes

Behind the Net: Avoid These Lacrosse Recruiting Mistakes

When the pressure is on, it’s easy to fumble and make mistakes – and when it comes to recruiting, high-level sports are no exception.

It’s no secret that Collegiate level coaches and recruiters are looking to fill their rosters with well-rounded, talented athletes, so standing out both on AND off the field is more important than ever.

And building a strong recruiting profile is the first step:

Getting Recruited to Collegiate-Level Lacrosse

As a highly competitive yet relatively new professional sport, Lacrosse has a growth trajectory that ESPN predicts to continue over the next few years. With an estimated 113,000 players nationwide, nearly 13% are said to go on to play pro, making Lacrosse an attractive sport for multi-sport athletes.

Student-athletes should start by assessing their eligibility to play at a specific collegiate level, considering factors like skill level and both athletic and academic achievements. From there, players should compile a list of preferred schools within that division. Before initiating contact, recruits should focus on developing a bang-up athletic profile, highlight video, and stats guide. It’s crucial to establish contact with college coaches, participate in tournaments, and consider attending prospect camps to showcase your abilities and catch the early attention of coaches.

What You Need to Get Noticed

  • Highlight Reel: A well-edited highlight reel is crucial for players to showcase their skills, athleticism, and game intelligence. A good video allows coaches to quickly assess a player’s abilities and potential and make decisions on further evaluation.
  • Academic Excellence: Academic excellence not only ensures your eligibility to the school but also reflects discipline, time management, and commitment that can open doors to top-tier schools and scholarships.
  • Team Attitude: A good attitude and composure under pressure are critical to the success of any team, so showcasing a good attitude can make or break a recruitment opportunity – and know that they’re watching for it!

5 Mistakes to Avoid to Get Recruited

As easy as it can be to get it right, there are easy ways to get it wrong. Here are StellaPop’s top five mistakes to avoid in the recruitment process:

1. Picking the Wrong Clubs and Tournaments:

When considering which club team to join or tournament to play in, it’s essential to make a decision based on more than just appearances. Research the group of schools you’re interested in, and pick clubs that are easy to travel to. Seek advice from your high school coach and connect with players from your area who have successfully transitioned to the collegiate level. High-level, competitive clubs will require a lot of your time and dedication, so be prepared for a significant commitment and follow-thru.

2. Letting School Come Second:

High school academic excellence showcases discipline, work ethic, and the ability to balance commitments. Coaches prioritize athletes who demonstrate a commitment to both academics and athletics and can pave the way for sports scholarships and recruitment. Maintaining academic standards ensures eligibility to compete and graduate and helps to drive a well-rounded and successful collegiate experience that offers opportunities off-the-field, as well as on.

Most colleges have academic standards to even qualify for recruitment, so get familiar. Both the NCAA and NAIA also have minimum requirements – so exceeding expectations can have a real advantage when it comes down to the wire.

3. Not Going Hard in High School 

It is crucial for coaches and recruiters to see your enthusiasm and dedication to whatever team you’re playing for, which starts with your high school team. Don’t make the mistake of focusing too much on your future when being present can give you a competitive edge. Getting involved in extra workouts with your team during the summer, fall, and winter and taking on any leadership opportunities can help coaches envision how you would be an asset to their team.

4. Not Marketing Yourself:

Marketing yourself effectively is crucial for getting recruited into collegiate-level Lacrosse. With a competitive landscape, standing out from the crowd is essential, and creating a strong personal brand is key. Establishing an engaged social media presence, well-curated highlight reels, and a compelling player profile increases visibility and captures coaches’ attention.

Actively networking, attending showcases, and reaching out to college coaches can also demonstrate your proactive approach and your passion for the game. By marketing yourself effectively, you can showcase your skills, achievements, and potential, maximizing opportunities for recruitment.

5. Not Actively Pursuing Coaches’ Attention:

If players want to get noticed, then they have to put themselves out there. Once you have your highlight reel and stats put together, send personalized emails to coaches and teams that you’re interested in. Pitch yourself and Invite them to watch you play at the X, Y, and Z tournament. At tournaments and camps, introduce yourself and ask questions to establish relationships with coaches and to make yourself memorable off the field.

After the initial meeting, keep in touch via email, providing updates on your progress, achievements, and upcoming events. Building a strong rapport takes time, so maintaining consistent communication and showcasing your dedication will help.

Ready to learn a little more? Get recruited.

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