Avoid Social Media Gimmicks for Long-term Growth

Social Media Gimmicks

Social Media is a constantly evolving space. It’s hard to keep up with the trends, algorithms, and updates within each app. It’s also hard to keep growing your following, increase engagement, and feel connected to your community.

So what is the key to long-term growth?

To run a successful business, it’s important, to be honest, and authentic on social media. This is how you create a loyal network of followers. But sometimes numbers and quick ways to grow accounts are tempting. Below we’ll go over which social media gimmicks to avoid and specific ways to ensure long-term growth.

Short Wins Make Things Harder

While buying 1000 followers may improve your look on social media at first glance. This is definitely a social media gimmick to avoid. Short wins will make everything harder in the long run. It will be harder to increase engagement and build a community if your followers aren’t real and aren’t interested in your business. The goal is to create meaningful engagement with real people who enjoy your brand or company. This means being OK with slower growth as long as it’s authentic.

Create Buzz Mindfully

Another social media gimmick is creating buzz around a topic or being somewhat controversial. While this may create an influx of activity across your channels, it’s not a strategy for long-term growth. Instead, define a list of issues that make sense for your company or brand to comment on and have a stance on. Revisit the list when you’re looking to drive a conversation. Mindful and authentic conversation starters will drive the right people to your pages to engage with you.

Social Stunts Don’t Last

Giveaways can be a great way to grow your following, however, the results are not proven to last. When offering something for follows and comments make sure you are properly analyzing your results. Is the giveaway resonating with your target market? Are your new followers going to keep following you and resonate with your content? Social stunts are another social media gimmick to be aware of as they may not always lead to an authentic community.

Focus on the Future

It’s one thing to use social media gimmicks every so often, but avoid using them for your overall strategy. Successful brands on social media go above and beyond in understanding their target market and consistently understand the best practices. They are creating for a niche audience and finding out exactly where they hang out online. There are no shortcuts to long-term growth. It takes time, effort, commitment, and knowledge. Focus on the future and know that your investments will come back around. While your following may grow more slowly, you will have a longer-lasting and loyal community.

If you need help with ensuring your social media strategy will create long-term growth, head to StellaPop Creative Team. We are happy to help.

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