5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Embrace Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools


Every company’s greatest untapped resource is the unused data in its client database. If managed correctly, this knowledge can transform your business, making it smarter and more profitable. Today’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can lead the way, turning data into answers and insights. By tracking and storing all your customer interactions – email, phone, website, live chat, etc. – they create a highly organized, central database.

Perhaps your company’s growth is at a turning point where spreadsheets are becoming too limiting and inefficient. Embracing CRM tools can be a real game changer. These robust tools give you a new superpower: control. stellapop-click-to-tweet  They enable you to manage marketing, sales, accounting, vendors and other operational data, in one easily accessible place. Best of all, they do these tasks automatically, saving you time and money, while empowering your entire team.

If you’re still unsure if CRM tools are right for you, here are 5 reasons to consider.

1.  Your contacts are all over the place

By organizing all pre- and post-sale information in one place, you make it dramatically easier for your team to access key information leading to smarter, real-world, growth strategies.

2.  Your sales reporting is, well, a nightmare

Wasting time can mean lost opportunities. CRM tools centrally store all sale markers from quotas to meetings, helping your sales team make quicker, smarter decisions.

3.  You can’t accurately forecast sales

Put the crystal balls and Tarot cards away. CRM tools replace guesswork with precise sales metrics, so you can accurately forecast and manage sales. Cha-ching,  cha-ching.

4.  You need to divide and conquer

CRM tools enable you to organize prospects by metrics of your choosing: location, deal size, closing date, regions, industries, etc. It’s a powerful, automated way to boost sales.

5.  You’re not closing enough deals

A better Business IQ means better customer relations. CRM tools help you spot patterns and trends while avoiding risks and missteps. Smarter insights that lead to closing more deals.

Accelerate Your Advantage

At StellaPop, our management consulting team has successfully supported and cultivated relationships with many business leaders over the years. Our first priority is powerful ideas, agile strategy and simplified process that translates into growth. Give us a shout, we’d be happy to hear your company’s challenges.

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