3 Visual Trends to Enhance Your Social Feeds


With everyone and their brother using social media these days, standing out can be a challenge. If you want your business to be noticed on sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you’ll want to mix it up and stay on top of the latest trends.

Below are three ways to liven up your feeds and keep your audience engaged.

Monochromatic Instagram Feed

Monochromatic Color Schemes

Using the same one (or two) colors in your feed (especially on Instagram) is a great way to reinforce your visual brand identity.

Think about some prominent brands that have signature colors, such as Tiffany & Co. and Home Depot – their repeated use of their colors has burned that recognition in our minds. If you can use social media to bring out your brand colors, it will help people associate those shades with your company, giving you a seamless brand across multiple channels. In addition, it allows the subject of the picture stand out more since people’s eyes won’t be as distracted by multiple colors. This can also help your audience be more laser-focused on the content.

Digital Instagram Collage

Digital Collages

The 90s are making a comeback! From scrunchies to flannel to denim skirts, some iconic retro fashion and design trends are on the rise. Remember zines and the collages some of us made on our bulletin boards as teenagers? Those fads are back as well, and you can leverage this in your social media feeds. Try making a totally awesome collage for your timeline. This allows you to combine several different elements to tell a story, add some flair, and wow your audience. If you don’t want to make a full-on collage, you can experiment with some textures and stylistic formats to give a nod to that kind of design.

Framing Your Photos

Sometimes you have to break the “rules” to make a splash. On social media, you can do this by straying away from making every photo the same dimension. As you change it up, you can play with how the picture fits within the frame, just like this photographer is doing on Instagram. The negative space creates a clean, minimal look that puts the emphasis on your imagery, helping all eyes go to you as people scroll through their feeds.

The lesson we can learn from all of these trends is to be bold. Don’t be afraid to dive into uncharted waters and try out a new visual approach. You might just be the next trendsetter!

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