3 Simple Steps to Help Avoid Post-Vacation Anxiety


We all know the feeling. You’ve taken a great vacation, really relaxed with friends and family. You’ve eaten great food, built fond memories, and enjoyed new experiences. But now it’s time to return to work.

If you’re feeling anxiety, you’re not alone. The stress of returning to work is one reason, so many Americans leave vacation days on the table. However, taking vacation time is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. We need that time to relax, recharge our batteries, and get a new lease on our (work)lives.

Now, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re not even thinking about work until you turn your laptop back on. Unfortunately, for most of us, though, we’ll be thinking about that return to work before our vacation even ends. It might even wind up being a couple of days of what are usually just “Sunday Scaries.”

It’s no secret. Many of us feel so much anxiety, and we lose our last two to three days of a vacation worrying about when we return. If you’ve only taken a week off, you figure it takes a few days to relax at first. Then, your last three days are consumed with worry. You may only get one real day of vacation at all.

Obviously, we want to avoid this. That’s why today, we’re going to reveal 3 simple steps you can take to help avoid post-vacation anxiety.

Block Off Your First Morning Back

You’ve just taken some much-needed “me-time” for yourself and your family. Now that you’ve returned to work, your job might need some “me-time” as well.

This can look however you want it to. However, one idea is to block off your first morning back. This can help you get on top of everything that happened while you were gone.

So, don’t schedule any unnecessary meetings your first day back. Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite mug of tea, and start going through emails. Then, meet with your team members one on one. Go through everything that happened while you were gone and discuss where you might be needed or how you can help.

Once you’ve found your feet again, then you can start looking into new projects and moving things forward once more.

Don’t Forget to Use Your Travel Time

You can get a jump on office work while you’re flying back home. Or if you drove, let somebody else do the driving and start going through emails.

You don’t have to answer any of them; just get a feel for where things are going. You can even create two folders: FYI and Action. These folders can then be used to separate emails into ones simply providing you with information and the ones requiring immediate action on your part.

Once you get through all this, set the work aside. You can enjoy the rest of your return trip and know you’ve got a headstart once you return.

Don’t Rush Yourself Back Into Work and Life

There’s more to the end of a vacation, though than just returning to work. You may be dreading having to get up early again to get the kids back to school or camp. Or you may even be worrying about coming home to an empty refrigerator.

Just remember to be gentle with yourself as you ease back into the swing of things. Maybe, you can even schedule a grocery drop-off for the night you return. That way you don’t have to do any shopping and food can be waiting for you.

However your vacation ends, though, don’t let anxiety ruin your last moments in paradise. Of course, there are things to think about. But taking your time when you return can help you enjoy your time off to the fullest. Of course, StellaPop is also here to help your business build momentum whether you’re in the office or not.

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